2004 Midwest Singletrack Advocacy Summit March 19-21 in Kansas City

The 2004 Midwest Singeltrack Advocacy Summit will be held on March 19-21 in Kansas City. The event location will be at some of the best singletrack in the Midwest, Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO.

The purpose of the Summit is to increase awareness of advocacy and provide trails advocates with information that they may find helpful in gaining access in where they live (and ride).

Advocacy is tough, so in addition to providing people with advocacy information and resources, the Summit is also a singletrack celebration. Whether your trail building and maintenance season is just ending, just beginning, or you're right in the middle of it, the Summit weekend is designed to help thank those who design, build and maintain singletrack for their tireless efforts throughout the year. So in addition to seminars and advocacy discussions, we throw a party! All are invited to attend.

For more info, visit the Summit 2004 page on MountaiBikeReview or the official Summit Home Page.

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