Amahia's Excellent Adventure continues . . .

Mizzou grad student Amahia Mallea's ride through American history continues:
Packed and ready to leave this morning when I flatted in my driveway. I had psychologically left,
but found myself physically stranded. At first I felt a rush of excitement to get the flat changed
quickly but ended up frustrated, throwing tire irons, unable to work with the stiff new tire. I
strapped the wheel on my back, grabbed my road bike, went out on the MKT trail and found my
friend Sarah waiting patiently for me. We went to the bike shop, then home to put it all back
together again.

Finally underway after noon, we rode steadily through the humid heat on the Katy Trail State Park
towards Boonville where we would meet our friend Jeff for lunch.
And that's just the first morning! Read much more in her journal (PDF file) or on the CyclExtreme Bicycle Warehouse web site. See her planned route here.