St. Joseph to be key point in quad-state trail system

A St. Joseph News-Press article examines the proposed quad-state trail system and points out that St. Joseph will be a key point in that system, which will include over 700 miles of trail and a loop taking in parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri:

The loop through St. Joseph, west to Marysville, Kan., north to Lincoln and Omaha, Neb., east to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and south through Maryville and Savannah, Mo., would bring a new recreation opportunity to the Midwest and allow for growth in all of the towns along the way, proponents say. . . .

Shawn Force, owner of Forces of Nature bicycle shop, lived in St. Charles, Mo., for a year and a half and watched biking “explode” because of the Katy Trail, which runs along a former railroad from St. Charles to Clinton, Mo. As great as the Katy Trail is, Mr. Force said long-distance riders would prefer the change of scenery on a looped trail. . . .

Ross Greathouse, who founded the Nebraska Trails Foundation in 1977, began the Quad State project last year. He said 250 miles remain to complete the 700-mile trail system. Quad State would link the Katy Trail, the Wabash Trace Trail in southwestern Iowa, and the MoPac Trail between Lincoln and Omaha, which is 10 miles from being completed. . . .

A plan already is under way to connect Kansas City’s trails to the Katy Trail. Two possible routes exist from Kansas City to St. Joseph — an old Chicago Northwestern line through New Market, Faucett, Dearborn and Parkville, Mo., or a former electric rail line from Savannah to Kansas City.
The Maryville Advocate has an article on Maryville's possible tie-ins with the trail.

A Nebraska Trails Council News article [PDF] describes the quad-state trail:
“The Quad State Trail is a continuous trail starting in Marysville, Kansas on the Homestead Trail progressing through Beatrice into Lincoln on the Jamaica Trail and connecting to the MoPac Trail on its way to Omaha. It continues through Omaha on new and exiting trails to the new pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River. Then connects to the Wabash Trace Trail which runs 72 miles to the Missouri state line.

Next is a connecting trail to St. Joseph, Missouri, then it to Kansas City, Missouri, continuing to the western end of the KATY Trail in central Missouri going on to St. Louis. This trail will be approximately 700 miles in length and go through Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.