Trial against Kansas City for inadequate school zone markings

The family of a UMKC student who was killed by a driver is proceeding with a suit against Kansas City. According to a UMKC University News article:
Chen Pei, 20, was hit by a driver in the crosswalk at 53rd and Troost on Feb. 3, 2003. The Conservatory of Music piano student was living in a Rockhurst University dormitory because of a housing shortage at UMKC.

Chen Pei was crossing Troost Ave. when a driver pulled out around cars that had stopped to yield to the student walking across the street. The driver hit Chen Pei, who died from her injuries 11 days after the crash. . . .

The parents' lawyers contend that the intersection of 53rd St. and Troost Ave. "was in a dangerous condition." The city is responsible for the intersection of the public streets, but the suit charges that the city "carelessly, recklessly and negligently failed to properly maintain a pedestrian crosswalk that allowed safe passage across Troost Ave. at 53rd St. for the amount and type of use that it received."

The case focuses on traffic signs on Troost Ave. that the parents' lawyers say did not fulfill requirements for school crossings. They also contend that the city knew about the dangerous condition from previous citizen complaints and other crashes at that location but did not take appropriate action to improve the intersection.