Arguments against Amendment 3 in KCStar editorial

The debate about the proposed Missouri Constitutional Amendment 3 is heating up across the state. An editorial by Pat Martin appeared in Sunday's KCStar. Excerpts:
End the diversion! Repair our roads! No new taxes!

Based on those deceptive slogans, you might think Amendment 3 is a good deal. But think again — and get the facts before you vote on this Missouri constitutional amendment Nov. 2.

Proponents say Amendment 3 will “end the diversion.” But there is no “diversion” of highway funds.

All our transportation-related tax money is used for transportation-related costs, such as employee benefits for highway patrol troopers, construction workers and engineers. . . .

Then there is that nifty promise of “no new taxes.” What the road builders don't tell you is that this money for new roads is money that now pays for schools, health care, mental health and Missourians' other critical needs. It is taken from the state's general revenue fund, the pool of tax money that our elected representatives use for state programs and services.

The “no new taxes” slogan is actually a disguise for a hidden tax increase.
Martin is a member of the No On Amendment 3 Committee.

Supporters of Amendment 3 have a web page, too.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation's position on Amendment 3 is here.

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