Mountain Biking: Kansas City Trail Maintenance Hotline

The following announcement is from Ken Miner of EarthRiders:
The Kansas City area Trail Maintenance Hotline for 2004/2005 is: 816-377-3037.

Please pass this number along to anyone and everyone who may be attending trail maintenance days this year. Check out for the complete list of trail maintenance days for the 2004/2005 trail building/maintenance season.

The number is set up to allow people to call in to receive up to the minute updates on the next scheduled trail maintenance days. The Trail Stewards for the upcoming TM days will use this number to provide updates to the schedule based on weather conditions, etc.

The basic idea is that we can all check this number to determine if a TM day is off or on. An example of how this will work:

- A Trail maintenance day is posted and scheduled for a Saturday.

- The weather leading in to the trail maintenance day is perfect and the voice mail on the Hotline indicates that all systems are go!

- Friday night before the TM, a huge ice storm hits, making the trails a dangerous place to be walking.

- The Trail Steward for the trail system updates the voice mail, indicating that due to the ice storm, the trail maintenance day is cancelled.

- The volunteers wake up on Saturday morning, check the Hotline can stay safe and sound at home.

This number will be printed on all the marketing and promotional materials for the upcoming season. This number will provide a quick, easy way to communicate regarding TM days.
Ken's email address is kminer [at]