Opposition to "Save the Katy Bridge" effort surfaces

According to an article in the Fayette Advertiser:
Boonville MK&T bridge
Boonville MK&T bridge

Opposition has arisen to plans to save the Katy bridge from demolition.

Business interests are pressing hard in Jefferson city to have the demolition go forward, State Sen. Bill Stouffer told Boonville civic leaders.

An unknown factor, which could be crucial, is how Missouri's new governor will come down on the issue. Both sides are trying to make their views known in the Capital.

A Fulton demoliton company, OCCI, Inc., said it already has invested $3 million in the $10-million project. The company will lay off 30 employees if the demolition is cancelled, said Ted kettlewell of OCCI.

The Coast Guard wants the 73-year-old bridge torn down. It is a menace to river navigation, the federal agency says. The bridge has been unused since the Katy Railroad ceased operations in the 1980s. . . .

Civic groups question Union Pacific's right to demolish the bridge.
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You can help save the Katy Bridge at Boonville! Details here.

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