[6 MAY 2005, expired] Support FEDERAL Complete Streets Now!

[UPDATE 11 MAY 2005: The Complete Streets Amendment failed by a vote of 44 to 53. This was a surprisingly strong showing--I think most all the senators and observers were surprised. So this sets us up for success on this issue in the future. Details here. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to write or call about this important issue!]

[Please distribute this alert WIDELY through Tuesday, May 10th, 2005.]

Missouri Bicyclists,

This is a big'un! Please, please, Please, Please, PLEASE, take time to call or email BOTH of our Missouri Senators and ask them to
Please support the 'Complete Streets Amendment' to SAFETEA offered by Senator Harkin. This amendment is revenue-neutral and will help create a safer, healthier environment for walking and bicycling.
Your calls and e-mails to Senators are needed before 5:00pm Tuesday, May 10.

Here is the contact info (please contact both Missouri senators):

Missouri Senator Kit Bond
Click here to email
Phone: (202)224-5721
Missouri Senator Jim Talent
Click here to email
Phone: 202-224-6154
Fax: 202-228-1518
Find senators from other states here.
If we can win this on the federal level we win a MILLION state and local battles all in one. This is really worth spending some time and effort on.

Complete Details About the Harkin Amendment from AmericaBikes
Action Alert: Support Complete Streets Now!

Phone calls and e-mails to all members of the U.S. Senate are needed NOW to support a “Complete Streets Amendment” expected to be introduced on the Senate floor, Wednesday May 11, by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA). This exciting development could result in Complete Streets being included in the reauthorization of TEA-21!

After a week-long break, the Senate returns May 10 to debate reauthorization of the Federal transportation program; they hope to conclude that debate later in the week. Your calls and e-mails to Senators are therefore needed before 5.00pm Tuesday, May 10.

Senator Harkin is introducing an amendment to the Senate transportation bill (SAFETEA) that would

* Establish that each State Department of Transportation adopt a “Complete Streets” policy, based on FHWA’s guidance of February 2000, to fully integrate the needs and safety of all road users into the design and operation of streets and highways

* Adopt the goals of the 1994 National Bicycling and Walking Study to increase bicycling and walking and reduce motor vehicle crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians

* Ensure that adequate research is done to support and evaluate these goals, and

* Establish that Metropolitan Planning Organizations with a population of more than 200,000 shall integrate bicycling and walking into their planning and programming activities in a variety of ways

This is an important milestone: it is the first time the Senate has been asked to vote so explicitly on fully integrating nonmotorized transportation into the transportation system. These items are currently not in either the House or Senate transportation bills, and are important elements in the overall America Bikes agenda.

Your support for the Harkin Complete Streets Amendment will also send a strong signal of support for the bicycle and pedestrian provisions that are already in the House and Senate bills.

In your e-mails and calls please stress that a)the complete streets amendment proposes policy changes only; it is budget-neutral

b)“complete streets” addresses safety and access issues for all road users, not just bicyclists and pedestrians but also people with disabilities, transit users, drivers, delivery vehicles etc.

Please call or e-mail your Senator directly or through their Transportation Legislative Assistant. A list of contacts and address can be found on the America Bikes website http://www.americabikes.org/Transportation%20LAs.asp. A draft of the Complete Streets Amendment, with an additional fact sheet, is also available here.

The America Bikes team

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