Bike/ped accommodation on St. Louis area river bridges

Larry Welty of MoDOT was kind enough to provide the following rundown of river bridges in and around St. Louis that accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians--current as of September, 2005:

Missouri River Bridges
Mo 47 (Washington): no accommodations/no shoulders. When we replace this bridge a 10' bicycle/pedestrian path should be provided. This would be similar to the Hermann bridge for which construction is beginning.

I-64/US 40 (Daniel Boone Bridge): currently no ped/bicycle accommodation/no shoulders: Plans to add a new structure in 2011 - 2020 will allow the older of the two existing bridges to be used as a combination one-lane outer road and bicycle/pedestrian lane.

Mo 364 (Page Avenue): separate 10' bike path on structure

I-70 (Blanchette Bridge): no accommodations/no shoulders

Mo 370 (Discovery Bridge): Bike lane striped on bridge and bicycle ramps for access

US 67 (Lewis Bridge): 10 foot shoulders, no specific ped/bike accommodations Note: Current MoDOT map mislabels this as Lewis & Clark Bridge. The bridge that carries US 67 over the Mississippi River into Alton, Illinois is the Clark Bridge. Together the two bridges are the Lewis and Clark Bridges.
Mississippi River Bridges
US 67 (Clark Bridge): See note above for Lewis Bridge. Five boot bike lanes.

I-270 (Chain of Rocks): no accommodations/no shoulders

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge: dedicated bicycle/pedestrian bridge

Mc Kinley Bridge: Currently closed. Bike lanes are planned.

Martin Luther King Bridge: no accommodations/no shoulders

Eads Bridge: No shoulders. Five foot pedestrian walkway on south side.

I-70 (Poplar Street Bridge a.k.a Bernard Dickman Bridge): no
accommodations/no shoulders

I-255 (Jefferson Barracks): Twelve foot shoulders. Riding on bridge is discouraged but Missouri will tolerate it. Illinois does not. Bicyclists must exit at first off-ramp.
Meramec River Bridges
Mo 231 (Telegraph Road): eight foot shoulders/ no pedestrian accommodation

Mo 61/67 (Lemay Ferry Road/Jeffco Blvd): Ten foot walkway on one side, full shoulders on both sides of the new bridge

I-55: Ten foot shoulders/no pedestrian access. MoDOT discourages riding on the interstates but bicyclists crossing is a safe manner will be allowed.

Mo 21 (Tesson Ferry Road): no accommodations/no shoulders. Bicyclists can ride in the lane but MoDOT discourages it.

Mo 30 (Gravois Road): Under construction. Will have ten foot shoulders. No pedestrian accommodation.

Mo 141 (Meramec Station Road): no accommodations/no shoulders

Mo 109: Ten foot shoulders/no pedestrian accommodation.