Riding comfortably (?!) in cold and snow

With most of Missouri covered in snow and accompanying cold temperatures, it's a good time to remind everyone about the IceBike web site.

Believe it or not, people from places a lot colder and snowier than Missouri enjoy riding their bikes all winter long.

You might not want to start out there, but by following some of their great tips on equipment, riding techniques, clothing, you could easily extend your bicycling season a few more weeks in the fall and in the spring. By following some of their advice on clothing, I find I'm comfortabe to about 5 or 10 degrees colder than last winter--and also a lot less bulky.

Some reasons the winter bikers do it:
City traffic can make it faster to cycle commute even in winter than it is to drive
Parking at the destination can be easier and cheaper with a bike than a car
You love the outdoors
You have a desk job and need the exercise
You have Cabin Fever, and have to get outside
Its fun fun FUN
You do some of your best thinking on a bike
The weather is not that bad
Its just as easy to STAY in training as to try to regain your form every spring