Columbia citizen's panel to direct $25 million bike/ped pilot program

According to articles in the Columbia Tribune and the Columbia Missourian\, a panel of citizens will direct the work of the experimental "Nonmotorized Pilot Program". Columbia received approximately $25 million in the recent SAFETEA-LU transportation bill, over a 6-year period, to prove the worth of bicycle & pedestrian connectivity in reducing congestion and pollution and helping to make real solutions to people's transportation needs.

The advisory committee - which includes officials from the University of Missouri-Columbia and Columbia Public Schools as well as local developers, high school students and a member of the local chapter of the Sierra Club - will make recommendations to the city council on future plans.

"I think everyone wants to get to the same place, which is making a more pedestrian-friendly town," said Chris Hayday, the Sierra Club member. "We just have different ideas on how to get there."

Hindman said MU and high school students are represented on the committee because a large proportion of students bike or walk throughout Columbia. An initial meeting of the committee has not been scheduled.
MoBikeFed Treasurer Fred Schmidt is on the committee, as is Ian Thomas of PedNET.