Cabool, Missouri, bans bicycles from its main street?

No Bicycle sign in Cabool, Missouri
'no bicycle' sign shown at right was spotted on the main street of Cabool, Missouri, recently.

This may make Cabool similar to Lawson, MO, which was recently the center of controversy for ticketing a disabled man pushing (not even riding, just pushing) his bicycle in their business district.

Cabool, like most Missouri cities, has an ordinance restricting bicycle from riding on sidewalks (see Chapter 380) in business districts, so it is possible that this sign is intended to indicate "no bicycling on the sidewalk".

Regardless, by its position, the sign (which is placed a power pole in between street and the sidewalk, just as similar signs in Lawson are) is intimidating to bicyclists riding on the street as well as the sidewalk.<?PHP $tags="mobikefed,bicycling, advocacy, cabool, missouri, bicycle ban, lawson"; ??>