KCStar editorial supports connecting Katy Trail to Kansas City

An editorial in Saturday's Kansas City Star supports the idea of connecting the Katy Trail to Kansas City along the former Rock Island railroad line:

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt has an intriguing suggestion for connecting the Katy Trail to the Kansas City area, a longtime goal of hikers and bicyclists.

A former railroad bed to extend the Katy could be part of the compensation AmerenUE pays for damaging Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, Blunt says. . . .

It’s important that the utility fully compensate the state. Blunt’s idea to extend the Katy Trail as part of a compensation package is a good option for the attorney general to include in any negotiations.

The extension of the Katy would be a boon to Kansas City and to Missouri tourism. This may be the best opportunity to get it.
Almost 500 supporters have emailed Ameren and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources asking them to move this proposal forward.

We would like to have 1000 citizens write in support. You can do it in two minutes here.

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