Border Raiders launches weeklong tour

Border Raiders
Maryville Daily Forum had an article about the Border Raiders tour:
The Border Raiders Bicycle Tour begins Saturday in Lawrence, Kan., and will meander the four states while cycling through the past.

"It's a bicycle tour, but we've also combined it with the history of the border wars of the 1850s," said Randy Breeden, an organizer of the event.

Breeden estimates more than 100 people will be involved in the tour, which will take eight days to complete, also ending in Lawrence. It will have overnight stops in Atchison, Kan.; Falls City, Neb.; Nebraska City, Neb.; Hamburg, Iowa; Maryville; Savannah; and Weston.

"Some do it for the bike ride, and some will do it for the bike ride and the history," Breeden said. "But this trip is 500 miles, so you have to be in it for the bicycling."