More on burning of Frisco Highline Bridge

Frisco Highline Trail bridge burns
Springfield News-Leader has more details about the burning of a critical bridge on the Frisco Highline Trail:

The bridge that was burned Saturday on the Frisco Highline Trail near Morrisville will be rebuilt, said the president of Ozark Greenways.

"There's absolutely no question about it," said Bruce Adib- Yazdi, also a cyclist.

The 120-foot bridge over Little Sac River on the trail was burned down to the steel on Saturday, said Dwaine Bourke, fire chief for Walnut Grove.

The cause is unknown, but both officials at Ozark Greenways and Bourke suspect the fire was set by someone.

"But we're not sure of it," said Bourke.

It is estimated to cost at least $150,000 to replace the bridge, on which Ozark Greenways spent $85,000 last summer, said Terry Whaley, executive director of Ozark Greenways.