Boonville Daily News: Bikers say complete Katy Trail close to reality

According to a Boonvile Daily News article:
Quad State Trail

“The Taum Sauk disaster affected the state parks system - a system supported by citizens across the entire state,” said [MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent] Hugh. “It only makes sense that some reparations focus directly on the area devastated, but some should have a general benefit for all citizens of Missouri. Missourians from across the state will not be satisfied with a settlement that benefits only one small portion of the state.”

Ameren is now talking with the city of Windsor on a smaller, related trail project and has issued statements indicating there is the possibility of discussion on the larger Rock Island segment.

“This could be a win-win situation for Ameren,” said Hugh. “They could retain their utility easements and the right to reactivate the railway line in the future while granting a trail easement. If the railroad is reactivated the trail can remain alongside as a ‘rails with trails' project.

“In short, Ameren can protect their business interests in the corridor while making a gesture that will garner the good will of citizens across the state, demonstrate their commitment to the public welfare, and create a legacy that will last for generations.”
MoBikeFed is mobilizing public support for the Katy Trail connection to Kansas City.

Please take two minutes to send Ameren, the Attorney General, and the Governor a clear message that we want to Complete the Katy.

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