Mark Reynolds Fund gives bicycles to children

According to a recent St. Joseph News-Press article, the Mark Reynolds Children's First Bicycle Fund recently gave away bicycles to area children:
Mark Reynolds Fund

Nathan, along with 20 other children, received a new bike at Helen Davis School, complements of the Mark J. Reynolds Memorial Children's "First" Bicycle Fund. He said he couldn't believe they knew his favorite color was green as he traced the green-lined seat and fenders with his finger, describing the design as snake-like.

For the past three Christmases, the Mark J. Reynolds Memorial has given out more than $50,000 in bikes to children who couldn't afford one. . . .

The bikes are not only given to children who can't afford to buy them, but also to children with special needs. These children often require special three-wheeled bikes with wide seats and harnesses.

Dora Brudin's son, John, received one of the specialized bikes. Ten-year-old John didn't waste time figuring out how to ride it, and his younger brother, Thomas, rode in the basket attached to the back.