KCStar editorial supports Missouri River crossing at Paseo

A Kansas City Star editorial today about the new Paseo Bridge includes these comments:
The project should also include a bike-pedestrian lane. The transportation agency doesn’t see it that way, at least not yet. But the department has compromised a bit. The design drawings won’t necessarily show a bike-pedestrian lane, but engineers will construct a bridge with the potential to handle a bike lane in the future.

Meanwhile, the department has said it would add a bicycle-pedestrian lane to a neighboring span, the Heart of America Bridge, by 2012.

That’s a step forward, but a regional trail network would be more fully developed if bike-pedestrian lanes existed on both bridges, linked to trails running along the river levees.
Some of the reasons MoBikeFed supports bicycle/pedestrian accommodations as part of this $245 million new bridge are outlined here.

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