Maryville School Board votes to allow children to walk to school (if safe . . . )

Maryville has applied for a Safe Routes to School grant and this is one of the upshots:
One of the major objectives of Wednesday's special meeting was to see if the board would vote to change their policy of not allowing students to walk or ride bikes to school. The policy is in place solely for the safety of the students; however, LeCerf said the city is much more likely to obtain the safe routes to school grant money if students would be allowed to walk or bicycle to school, thereby fully utilizing and maximizing the purpose of the grant in the fund-designators' eyes.

The board was amenable to the proposed change in the district's policy and passed a motion "to allow children to walk or bike (to school) if there's a safe route to school." At this time, however, the motion will only apply to students living in the nearby Crestview neighborhood.
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