Mike Sutherland's bill to promote trails in state parks passes House

The legislation, proposed by Representative Mike Sutherland, to allow nonprofit groups to work with state parks to build mountain biking trails has passed the House by a unanimous vote. Now it is working its way through the process in the Missouri Senate.
Representative Mike Sutherland

The bill text & other info can be found here.

The bill is simple. It modifies the current law stating that each park can have a separate nonprofit to work with it, to say that a single nonprofit can work with many parks to do things like build facilities and provide interpretation and enhancement.

This means that trail building groups like EarthRiders, GORC, or the Green HIlls Trails Assoc. could work with parks across the state to build and maintain mountain biking trails.

Please spend a moment emailing Representative Sutherland and thanking him for supporting this legislation. Email is Mike.Sutherland@house.mo.gov -- refer to HB 75 in your subject line.

Sutherland is an avid bicyclist and one of our very best supporters of bicycle initiatives at the state level.