St. Louis bicycle commuters saving money and getting healthy

According to a Suburban Journal article:
While many wince at the sight of gasoline prices at neighborhood filling stations, Jeff Jackson of Ferguson simply grins - and keeps on pedaling. . . .

The increased cost of gasoline has prompted a movement away from the family car for getting to and from work. More bicycles are competing with cars and trucks for space on the streets. Public transportation has gained new favor with commuters. Carpooling to work - long shunned by the independent-minded Midwesterner - is becoming more fashionable. . . .

Four years ago, Jackson and his wife decided to take a giant leap of faith that has paid off in a big way. The couple agreed to give up one of their two cars - one that was far from being a gas guzzler - in favor of a bicycle.

"I donated my '95 Geo Metro to World Vision," Jackson said.

Today, Jackson is a devout believer in the power of the pedal. What began as an economic move - more of a statement, really - evolved into a testimony to the most basic of alternate fuels - muscle power.

"I'm a health nut. I used to be into running," Jackson said. "But I like biking now."

Indeed, the 32-year-old quickly learned that pedaling a bicycle can be less stressful on the knees than running on a paved road.

Economically speaking, what has the decision to give up a second car meant? He estimates a savings of about $6,000 a year in gasoline and related costs.
Bike commuting--even just once or twice a week--is a great way to have a fun and enjoyable commute, save some money, and build a healthy activity into your day.

Tips and ideas for bicycle commuting are on our Safety and Skills page.

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