ToM detailed route announcements--press conferences

Next week the Tour of Missouri folks will hold a series of press conferences to announce the details routes of the various stages of the Tour.

The exact routes have been a closely-held secret--so now we finally get to know the details!

For more information, see ...

Monday July 30th:
Kansas City (location: 810 Zone, 4686 Broadway, KC, MO 64112) 11:00 am

Tuesday July 31st:
Clinton (location: The Square) 10:00 am
Springfield (location: Jordan Valley Park) 1:00 pm
Branson (location: The Landing) 4:00 pm

Wednesday August 1st:
Lebanon (location: City Hall) 10:00 am
Columbia (location: Convention and Visitor's Bureau Building) 2:00 pm
Jefferson City (location: Chamber of Commerce Building, 213 Adams) 4:30 pm

Thursday August 2nd:
St Louis (location: Union Station) 11:00 am