Columbia: Starlight Bike Ramble with the Mayor Sept 29th

According to a KBIA story:
The annual Starlight Bike Ramble takes place this Saturday night [September 29th, 2007] at 8:00. The bike ride with the mayor takes off at the foot of the YouZeum.

The Starlight Bike Ramble will take riders on a seven-mile course through downtown Columbia and around the MU, Stephens, and Columbia College campuses.

Starlight Bike Ramble Organizer Wendy Knorr says she hopes the event will attract more than the 500 riders from last year. She says the event promotes physical fitness and health.

"This is one way that people can have a good time, learn about the YouZeum, and also live a happy, healthy life."

The bike ride will be led by Honorary Chairs Mayor Darwin and Axie Hindman who say the course is highlighted with a lap inside Memorial Stadium.

Mayor Hindman says it's a terrific experience to be with a big group of people of many different ages.

"It's just a huge amount of fun to get in a group like that. People of all ages, all different kinds of bicycles, going at a leisurely pace through the city in the evening, around the football stadium. Just being with that many people doing the same thing is a terrific experience."

The event begins at six o'clock with the Mayor's Council Fall Health and Fitness Expo followed by a shorter family bike route at six-thirty.