Katy Trail Connection--where will it go?

Today the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Attorney General, and Ameren reached an agreement that will allow the Katy Trail connection to the Kansas City metro area to be built.

But exactly where will the route go?

MoBikeFed board member Eric Rogers put together this map that shows the general location of the planned trail:


Green=existing Katy Trail

Blue=Katy Trail Connection, Windsor to Pleasant Hill, via the Rock Island corridor; the 46-mile section that is part of the agreement between Ameren and the State of Missouri

Red=section of Rock Island corridor owned by Union Pacific; not part of this agreement but a potential rail-with-trails corridor in the future

Orange=Farrington Park Trail, a one-mile trail proposed by the City of Windsor to connect Farrington Park to the Katy Trail via the Rock Island RR corridor

Click on the map for a full resolution version.

Click here for zoomable higher-resolution version.