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A local group met for the first time Thursday evening April 5th to organize and begin planning
and development of hike/bike trails in northwest Missouri to connect existing trails in Missouri,
Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. The meeting was lead by St. Joseph resident Chris Dunn. Among
items discussed on the agenda was the groups mission and statement of purpose which is to
advocate the preservation, planning and development of Trails and Greenways by connecting
waypoints in urban and rural areas. The groups purpose is also to enhance community
environments by promoting healthy lifestyles through education and actions that ensure
responsible stewardship.
The term Greenway is used to describe a network of paths used to connect or link parks,
recreational areas, nature reserves, commercial areas, civic amenities, cultural institutions and
historic sites to each other. Greenways are linear spaces established along natural corridors such
as streams and rivers, or along developed corridors such as railroad right-of-ways converted for
recreational use or abandoned or minimum use roadways. Wesley Revels, the groups president
said in the creation of the groups mission statement that, Greenways encourage recreation as
well as interaction and provide social, economic and environmental benefits to residents who live
in and around their routes. Linear trails and Greenways connecting urban areas with natural
scenic hike/bike trails change undeveloped or unsightly rural and urban decay into inviting and
popular places to visit. Communities become more livable and walkable. Trails and Greenways
attract visitors, businesses and residents. Studies show that economic growth is stimulated,
property values increase, tax bases stabilize, new businesses develop, citizens and
neighborhoods connect, open space is preserved, and healthier lifestyles are encouraged.
Trails and Greenways also promote concrete efforts to make outdoor activities more accessible
to those who otherwise would not be able to experience nature and the outdoors in ways many
take for granted., said Wesley Revels.
The Quad States Trail will eventually connect urban and rural scenic areas from the Katy Trail in central Missouri to the Wabash Trace Trail in Iowa and the Cowboy Trail in Nebraska creating a network of hike/bike trails extending more than 700 miles for green recreational use.
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The Quad States movement is sponsored by Ross Greathouse of the Nebraska Trail
Foundation/Greathouse Associates Ltd. You can contact Wesley Revels through the group’s
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