Tour of Missouri start/finish cities leaked?

The press conference for the official announcement of the Tour of Missouri start/finish cities for 2008 is set for tomorrow (Jan 30th, 10:30AM, Truman Hotel, Jefferson City, if you can make it--the Gov. & Lt. Gov will also be reporting on the economic impact of the 2007 Tour, which reports have as a very respectable $26 million).

The web site claims to have the inside scoop on the proposed route for 2008. No guarantee that their information is correct, but it seems pretty reasonable:

1 Monday, September 8th 90 mi
Saint Joseph Kansas City

2 Tuesday, September 9th 125 mi
Clinton Springfield

3 Wednesday, September 10th 18 mi
Branson Branson TT

4 Thursday, September 11th 105 mi
Lebanon Rolla

5 Friday, September 12th 100 mi
St. James Jefferson City

6 Saturday, September 13th 110 mi
Hermann St. Charles

7 Sunday, September 14th 75 mi
St. Louis St. Louis

Total Distance 623 mi
More info from here.

Note that the announcement tomorrow is for start/finish cities only and precise route details will be announced later. is going on the assumption that those stages with the same start/finish cities will probably follow the same route again--which is likely the case, but not absolutely certain.

[Thanks to Eric for the heads-up about this info . . . ]