Boonville MKT Bridge lawsuit dismissed

According to a Boonville Daily News story:
The Save the Katy Bridge Coalition and the City of Boonville will continue to encourage the Union Pacific Corporation to preserve the MKT “Katy” Bridge at Boonville for the citizens of the State of Missouri and a multitude of Katy Bridge supporters including bridge enthusiasts, engineers, and trail users from around the world, according to a press release from the group issued Wednesday.

Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court said it wouldn't reconsider a lower court's dismissal of a lawsuit that sought to protect an old railroad bridge near the Katy Trail.

Attorney General Jay Nixon filed the suit in April 2005 to challenge the Department of Natural Resources' decision to give up the state's right to the bridge. Many see the bridge as a possible addition to Katy Trail State Park.
The Columbia Tribune story adds:
A Nixon spokesman said the legal defeat does not necessarily put an end to the matter. Katy Trail supporters oppose the bridge removal because they fear the move could spur other property owners to challenge the state’s right of way.

"This may have brought an end to the legal battle to save this historic bridge, but it will not end our commitment to protecting the great asset the people of Missouri have in the Katy Trail," said spokesman John Fougere.
More details in the February 20th story.

Background: MoBikeFed's analysis of how removing the Boonville Bridge without taking proper legal precautions will affect the legal status of the Katy Trail.