Zero emissions lawn service starts in Columbia

Columbia bicyclist & League Cycling Instructor Robert Johnson & his wife are starting a "zero emissions lawn service". They will transport their reel lawn mowers and manual clippers to jobs by bicycle:
Conservation and hard work are two principles that guides The Green Team every day. We believe that our modern society absolutely depends on oil. We also believe that oil is a resource that should not be wasted. We believe that people want to do something great for the environment but most people cannot pay more money for it.

Lawn Mowers and other small engines are terrible for the environment because they lack the modern emissions controls like catalytic converters. According to research running a lawn mower for 1 hour is equal to driving a car 100 miles! Small engines also emit a huge amount of chemicals in their exhaust that are harmful to people’s health.

One significant pollutant from mowers is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH’s. While these cancer causing chemicals can also be found in automobile exhaust they are typically reduced by an automobiles catalytic converter.

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