Riding a bike is lifetime thrill

Karta Purkh Khalsa at Bicycle Day at the Capitol 2008
Photo courtesy Randy Niere
MoBikeFed member Karta Purkh S. Khalsa recently had an "As I See It" column in the Kansas City Star:

H.G. Wells once said he would "never despair for the human race as long as he saw adults on bicycles." Each time I ride, I feel better about myself for numerous reasons. I'm improving my own health for one.

For another, by not driving my trusty, rusty, dusty car, so I’m not polluting anybody's air. And so forth as you’ve heard from far smarter fellows than myself.

The way in which I move my overage, overweight body on a bike has not changed for more than a century since the bicycle was invented. . . .

The growing bicycling community proves it to be a serious mode of transportation, a serious vehicle for recreation, a serious vehicle for competition and a very serious object for debate about it's place in transportation planning. . . .

Just don't try and talk me out of riding my bike — 50 years, a few spills, stolen bikes, long grinding hills and the laughter of onlookers hasn't persuaded me to get off my saddle (bicycle seat) so you probably won't.