CBS News covers St. Louis Bike to Work Day

CBS News was in Forest Park covering Bike to Work Day in St. Louis and TrailNet's Bike to Work Day Re-Fueling Station at the Missouri History Museum, where more than 200 cyclists stopped in this morning.

Here are the video segments--

Car Culture & St. Louis re-fueling station:

CBS News talks to St. Louis bicycles commuters:

Bike to Work segment:

Here is their summary:

Cordes reported from St. Louis.

She noted that it's National "Ride Your Bike to Work Day."

Across the country, only about a half-of-one-percent of all commuters take their bikes to work, even though it's one of the healthiest and cheapest ways to get around, especially in this time of rising gas prices.

But, in St. Louis, Cordes pointed out, they're trying to change that. They've just added 57 miles of bike lanes in the city, so they've now got 77 miles overall.