More about Cape Girardeau's bicycle route network

According to the SEMissourian:
A Cape Girardeau bicycle safety club met Wednesday in city hall to discuss the design and implementation of bicycle signs that say "share the road" and the release of bicycle safety information. . . .

One idea is to leave the signs in the standard design other cities have used. In this design, the top plate would be in a diamond shape and have a picture of a biker. Underneath that plate would be a second rectangular plate that reads "share the road." Both would be yellow.

The other idea would be to incorporate a route name on a third rectangular plate underneath the "share the road" plate. Neither idea was decided upon.

Some ideas were mentioned, including giving all the bike lanes in Cape Girardeau one of four route names. For instance, "the Broadway Route" or "the Lexington Route."

The club also discussed how to provide bicycle safety awareness to the city.