New Guidebook for Mississippi River Trail available

A new guidebook for bicycling the Mississippi River Trail is available:
From Itasca State Park in Minnesota, to the southernmost point in Louisiana, on the Gulf of Mexico, Bob Robinson guides you along the designated route of the Mississippi River Trail, turn by turn. The Mississippi River Trail follows the mighty river's entire 2000-mile journey across America's heartland.

Whether you are planning on cycling the entire trail across the country or just looking for a weekend adventure, this guidebook includes the services, route directions, bike shops, and maps you need to plan your adventure.

The narration accompanying each section of the guidebook includes points of interest and history of the area, so that cyclists can better appreciate the communities and scenery they pass along the route.

Many of the quaint picturesque communities along the Mississippi River have long been popular destinations for travelers, and are well equipped to accommodate their needs.

So grab your bike and get prepared for the adventure of your life!

Author Bob Robinson adds: "I will send Terry Eastin, of MRT, Inc., $1.00 for each copy sold."

To order, visit the book's web site and use Discount Code C7RMW4HX

You can contact author Bob Robinson via his email: bob_dawna [at]