$2 million settlement in death of bicyclist John Triggs

Pitch Weekly reporter Carolyn Szcepanski reports on the conclusion of a civil suit brought by the family of bicyclist John Triggs, who was killed by a turning cement truck in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in June 2006:
[L]ast year, Triggs’ wife and two sons filed a wrongful death suit against Driskell and the Overland Park-based business.

This month, just a few days before the trial was to begin, Fordyce and the family reached a $2 million settlement. . . .

On Wednesday, Jackson County Judge Michael Manners signed an order approving a $2 million settlement for the Triggs. The company did not admit fault, Henning says, but it still was a victory for the Triggs’ family and the cycling community.

“The family was looking to make Fordyce Concrete responsible for what they did,” she says. “The second thing was to raise awareness in Kansas City about bike safety. We’re not friendly to bicyclists. We’re often hostile, as drivers, to cyclists.”