Membership goal--ALMOST at 800 new/renewing memberships by Dec 31st

Missouri Bicycle Federation supporters,

I just want to remind you that MoBikeFed just wrapping up a membership drive--our goal is 800 new/renewing members by the end of the year.

Right now we are so VERY, VERY CLOSE to reaching that goal.

So if you could check your own membership to make sure it is up-to-date, and then remind your friends to join or renew.

You can join/renew here.

Do you know if your MoBikeFed membership is expired or not?

We've just made it easier to find out. Just visit this web page and type in your email address:

This is still brand-new and "beta-quality". But please try it out and please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Feel free to share the URL with your friends so they can check their membership status.

Thanks for helping us reach our membership goal--because the more people who band together and work together for better, safer bicycling and walking in Missouri, the more progress we will be able to make.

Your voice and your membership in MoBikeFed really do make a difference!


. . . who's off to take a ride on a beautiful day.