MoDOT's list of stimulus projects includes needed sidewalks, bicycle facilities, transit funding

MoDOT didn't lose any time starting to implement its list of stimulus-funded road projects. The agency claimed the first stimulus project in the nation, starting just moments after President Obama signed the stimulus bill into law.

With Missouri's roads being among the least accommodating for bicycling and walking of any in the nation, it's no surprise that MoDOT was able to find some good bicycle and pedestrian projects to fund with Enhancements funding that is set aside for those types of projects.

Included are some projects that will make a big difference in bicycle and pedestrian connectivity for an entire region, as well as some sorely needed sidewalk infill type project.

As important as these specific bicycle and pedestrian projects are, MoDOT's biggest challenge will be whether they can integrate bicycle and pedestrian connectivity into regular construction and maintenance projects.

Most often this is not a matter of building grand projects, but getting a number of nuances just right--everything from including bicycle safe grates, to proper placement of rumble strips, to adjusting traffic signals to detect bicycles and allow enough time for pedestrians to safely cross.

In recent discussions with MoDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Melissa Anderson, she indicated that MoDOT is making tangible progress in training staff across the state to properbly implement this type of detail, starting with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

The implementation of stimulus-funded projects--over $660 million in road projects alone--will be a good test of MoDOT's progress in this area.

MoDOT's full list of stimulus projects is here.

Below are listed the Enhancements projects, CMAQ projects, and transit projects.


Enhancements funds can be used in any of 12 specified areas; typically 60% or more is used for bicycle and walking facilities, trails, sidewalk infill, bicycle route systems, and the like.

Extension of Katy Trail

Clay County, Route 9 – Rehabilitate and add bicycle/pedestrian facility to Heart of America Bridge.
This will create the first safe bicycle/pedestrian crossing of the Missouri River near downtown Kansas City, Missouri--an issue MoBikeFed has been addressing since about 2003 and local bicycle and pedestrian advocates have been working on since the 1990s.

Cole County, Route 54 – Bicycle and pedestrian bridge attachment connecting to the Lewis and Clark Trail Head.

Clay County, Route 169 – Sidewalk improvements from Route 92 to Route KK.

Clay County, Route 1 – Sidewalk improvements from Vivion Road to 72nd Street.

St. Louis County, Route 67 – Pedestrian improvements from I-270 to Old St. Charles Road.

St. Louis County, Route AC – Pedestrian improvements from Route 67 to I-270.

Taney County, Route 76 – Sidewalk improvements from Roark Valley Road to Gretna.

Atchison County – Construction of new Welcome Center on I-29 at Rock Port.

New Madrid County – Construction of new Welcome Center on I-55 at Marston.


CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality) funds are directed to large metro areas with pollution problems. The funds can be used for a variety of projects designed to reduce emissions--from adding diesel emission controls to existing vehicles to promoting carpooling, bicycling, walking, to funding transit routes.

With transit agencies in Missouri facing a huge funding crunch, the decision to spend these funds on operating assistance for transit agencies seems well taken.

Urban Public Transit Agency, St. Louis – Operating assistance (87 percent)

Urban Public Transit Agency, Kansas City – Operating assistance (13 percent)


Urban Areas: St. Joseph, Kansas City, Joplin, Springfield, Columbia, Jefferson City and St. Louis – These urban transit agencies receive development funds directly from FTA – they do not flow through MoDOT.

Statewide, Rural Transit Providers – Purchase 350 rural transit vehicles to replace existing vehicles that have exceeded useful life.

Mississippi County, East Prairie – Construct transit facility for Mississippi County Transit.

Webster County, Marshfield – Construct bus garage for City of Marshfield.

Ray County, Richmond – Facility improvements for Ray County Transit.

Butler County, Poplar Bluff – Construct bus stop shelters and install bus stop signs for fixed route service in Poplar Bluff for SMTS.

Shelby County, Shelbina – Construct transit administration and maintenance facility in Shelbina for OATS, Inc.

Butler County, Poplar Bluff – Construct transit administration facility in Poplar Bluff for SMTS.

Cass County, Harrisonville – Construct transit administration and maintenance facility in Harrisonville
for OATS, Inc.

Stoddard County, Dexter – Construct transit administration facility in Dexter for Stoddard County Transit, Inc.

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