New MO law requires ignition interlock for repeat drunk drivers

A new state law takes effect Wednesday that supporters say will reduce traffic fatalities by 10%.

The law requires those who have two convictions for drunk driving to install an ignition interlock system for six months in order to get their driver's license back.

According to the KCStar:
The law is good news for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other traffic safety advocates.

“If you’re convicted twice, shame on you because you didn’t get it the first time,” said Avis Lowe, a MADD victim’s advocate whose 27-year-old son was a pedestrian killed by a repeat drunk driver in downtown Kansas City in 1995.

But the law is only a partial victory for advocates like MADD spokesman Mike Boland of St. Louis, who wanted the ignition interlock required for first-time convicted drunk drivers, such as in New Mexico and Arizona.

“I believe they’ve seen an almost 25 percent reduction in fatalities,” Boland said. “But even if we’re looking at a 10 percent reduction in Missouri, if you’re that one family and that knock is not coming at your door, that’s a great reduction.”