Bipartisan support for the Tour of Missouri--but where is Governor Nixon?

At today's stage of the Tour of Missouri we saw an absolutely amazing display of bi-partisan support for the Tour as an event that is good for Missouri and for communities large and small, urban and rural, that are touched by the Tour.

A large and appreciative crowd at the Stage 6 awards ceremony saw Lt Governor Peter Kinder (R) joined on stage by Senator and President Pro Tem of the Missouri Senate Charlie Shields (R) and by Jean Carnahan (D), wife of deceased Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan and former U.S. Senator from Missouri, Tom Carnahan, her son, and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D), her daughter--who is currently running for U.S. Senate to replace Senator Kit Bond.

This set into dramatic relief the refusal of Governor Jay Nixon to visit the Tour, appear on the stage, or even spend a few minutes shaking hands with members of the public at the Tour--when the Tour passed within a few feet of his office Thursday, where he and his staff were working.

Reportedly Governor Nixon's motorcade was stopped by barricades and street closures as the Tour was setting up--but even then he did not get out and spend even a couple of minutes greeting spectators.

One begins to wonder how much of this is really looking out for the interests of the people of Missouri and how much is simply a personal grudge or political gamesmanship.

Please keep those calls & emails in support of the Tour coming: Email or call Governor Nixon's office (573-751-3222) and ask Governor Nixon to support the 2010 Tour of Missouri.

Sec. of State Robin Carnahan, Jean Carnahan, Sen. Charlie Shields, Lt Gov Kinder, Tom Carnahan

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