KOMU: Tour of MO most viewed/tweeted/facebooked story

KOMU.com's The Most posted on March 25th:

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The story generating the most interest this week on KOMU.com is that the Missouri Division of Tourism decided not to fund the Tour of Missouri in 2010. The Division of Tourism accounted for 40 percent of the events funding last year. Many don't understand the decision not to fund the event, because the event brought the state of $68 million in revenue the last two years. Owner of Red Wheel Bike Shop Nick Smith says he doesn't know if the event will happen this year without the funding.

"I would assume that a $1 million investment on a $30 million return would be kind of silly to take away. In my opinion, we should have three to four of these races if it's going to generate that kind of money," said Smith.

Even without the funding the race is still scheduled to begin August 31.

Other ways you can help support the 2010 Tour of Missouri: