Lee's Summit adopts Complete Streets Resolution

Last Thursday the Lee's Summit City Council voted 6-1 to adopt the Livable Streets Resolution proposed by the city's Livable Streets Planning Committee.

Lee's Summit joins eight other cities and agencies in Missouri that currently have Complete Streets policies:

St Joseph, Columbia, De Soto, Festus, Crystal City, Ferguson, and St. Louis City, and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.

Below is the announcement circulated by Ed Kraemer, a citizen advocate and chair of Lee's Summit's Livable Streets Planning Committee:

Thursday was indeed a big night for Livable Streets in Lee's Summit, Mo.
The City Council voted 6-1 to adopt the Livable Streets Resolution!!!!

We had a big night...a very big night!
After our Livable Streets Planning Committee's presentation summarizing the Livable Streets experience in Lee's Summit to date and the "Resolution in a Nutshell," there were questions from the Council and some concerns... but overall the tone was very positive.
The ultimate 6-1 vote in favor of the attached Livable Streets Policy sets into motion the process of incorporating Livable Streets principles into City plans, procedures and ordinances related to building, resurfacing and maintaining our streets in Lee's Summit.
The intended result will be a gradual transition toward a  safer, healthier, more vibrant, walkable, bikable community! As I mentioned in the presentation, adoption of the Livable Streets Resolution is a great first step toward achieving this vision of "A More Livable Lee's Summit".
You can view the presentation and discussion at http://lsmo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?clip_id=653  (Jump to 7 B) (The replay is a little sketchy on my computer.)
Adoption of the Livable Streets Resolution/Policy is (almost) the final goal of the current Livable Streets Planning Committee. We have only to submit a proposed Ordinance to create an ongoing "Livable Streets Advisory Board", which the adopted Resolution states that the city plans to do. The Advisory Board will continue many of the activities of our Planning Committee, which will formally dissolve. The new Board will also assist the City in implementation of the Livable Streets Policy.
I am pleased to summarize the accomplishments of the Livable Streets Planning Committee since our first meeting April 19, 2010:
   ---Began an education process among  the community and our elected officials regarding the Livable Streets concept, and Bike Ped safety and  Share the Road issues.
   ---Encouraged Lee's Summit citizens to choose walking, biking or mass transit when possible.
   ---Applied for Bicycle Friendly Community designation from the League of American Bicyclists...receiving "Honorable Mention" on our first attempt.
   ---Successfully sought adoption of a Livable Streets Resolution/Policy by our City Council. (The first in the Kansas City Metro Area)
   ---Successfully sought creation of an ongoing Livable Streets Advisory Board by our Mayor and Council (Ordinance for this is being drafted.)
Thank you for the support and inspiration we have received in various forms from the National Complete Streets Coalition; Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, Kansas City; Mo, Bike/Ped Committee; Kansas City Bicycle Club; Mid America Regional Council; Missouri Livable Streets; League of American Bicyclists; KC Healthy Kids; Go Boulder; and Get About Columbia.
Ed Kraemer, M.D.
Chair, Livable Streets Planning Committee
Lee's Summit 360 Citizens' Strategic Planning Group

MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri includes goals for Complete Streets policies in Missouri municipalities, planning organizations, and the state as a whole.

MoDOT has been tracking Missourians attitudes towards accommodating bicycling and walking, and their current research shows that a majority of Missourians support inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in projects--even if the cost is up to 25% of the project, and even if doing so diverts funds from other projects.

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