Missouri's EIGHT cross-state bicycle routes mapped

Missouri has no fewer than SIX cross-country bicycle routes--each of them just a small part of a much longer national bicycle route--plus one cross-state route, plus one more cross-country bicycle route currently under development.

Have you ever seen all of the cross-country routes mapped together?

Major bicycle routes across Missouri



You can find out much more about all the routes on our Maps & Routes page.  Here is a quick summary:

  1. Route 66 - bicycle route through Missouri parallels I-44 but you can ride the entire route without putting your tire on an interstate freeway even once - Google map - Adventure Cycling
  2. Adventure Cycling's Great Rivers Bicycle Route through Missouri - Google map - Adventure Cycling
  3. The Mississippi River Trail (MRT) is an on-road route paralleling the Mississippi River through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. 
  4. Adventure Cycling's TransAmerica Bicycle Route through Missouri - Google map - Adventure Cycling Association
  5. Lewis and Clark Bicycle Route through MissouriGoogle map - Adventure Cycling Association
  6. The American Discovery Trail--a network of on- and off-road routes stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans - the route through Missouri
  7. U.S. National Bicycle Route 51 (under development, 2017) - a planned connection from Fayetteville AR through Springfield MO and on to Des Moines IA and on north to connect to USBR 20 and USBR 10 in Minnesota. This route has been adopted into the USBR system as a "corridor" and a specific route is currently under development.  The current candidate route under consideration is Fayetteville-Joplin-Carthage-Springfield-Bolivar-Warsaw-Sedalia-Warrensburg-Chillicothe-Des Moines.

In addition, Missouri has a new cross-state bicycle route:

   8.  Way of American Genius Bicycle Route - paralleling Hwy 36 through northern Missouri.  Maps & details.


See an overview of the U.S. National Bicycle Route System Corridor Plan here.