2013 Legislative Survey - results

Many thanks to everyone who completed the 2013 Legislative Survey.  Your feedback help keep our legislative effort on track and helps set our priorities.

Here is a summary of the key results:


Legislative proposal % Supporting % Very Strongly Supporting
Include a fair share for bicycling and walking in any new funding source for Missouri transportation 96.6% 59.1%
Law banning texting while driving for all drivers 95.3% 73.2%
Law banning harassment of and throwing objects at bicyclists and pedestrians 94.6% 65.1%
Safe Streets Law: Increase penalties and points when bad/unsafe driving injures or kills 94.6% 60.4%
Update and modernize Missouri's bicycle law, update 'ride to the right' to more modern and rational requirements, update and modernize bicycle light and reflector requirements 87.9% 42.3%
Law requiring safe passing of bicyclists, with minimum passing distance of 3 feet 85.2% 38.9%
Law making bicycle and pedestrian skills and training a regular part of the public school curriculum 78.5% 26.8%
Include bicycle sales in Missouri's annual back-to-school sales tax holiday - encouraging bicycle sales and helping Missouri's bicycle retailers 76.6% 31.9%
Law requiring safe passing of bicyclists, with minimum passing distance of 5 feet 74.5% 38.3%


For more details about the legislatives proposals, visit our Legislative Platform page.

Respondents left many comments and ideas--many, many of them very interesting and enlightening.  Be assured the we read every one of these comments and we do definitely take the comments and ideas into consideration when working on this and future legislative platforms and priorities.