Missouri part of 2012 U.S. Bicycle Route System success story

Adventure Cycling has announced the Top Ten accomplishments of the U.S. Bicycle Route System for 2012 and we are proud that Missouri is part of the list--mostly because of some exciting things that started in 2012 and will likely come to fruition in 2013:

Missouri: We have an exciting announcement coming soon (Hint: it has to do with USBR 76/TransAmerica Trail)! 

U.S. Bicycle Route System logo
U.S. Bicycle Route System logo

Applications for new USBRs: Several states are on track for AASHTO designation in May, including Minnesota, Oklahoma, Indiana, New Mexico, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Missouri. They might not all get there, but things have been progressing positively in all these states. Keep the positive vibes coming our way!

Both of these are indeed very exciting, MoBikeFed--as well as other organizations like MoDOT as well as local and regional government agencies and advocacy groups--has been right in the middle of them.

Stay tuned!

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