New MoDOT Statewide Transportation Plan web site features video of MoBikeFed, Great Rivers Greenway Executive Directors

Ten days ago MoDOT unveiled the first draft of its proposed long-range transportation plan. This plan will provide the framework for how MoDOT will spend the proposed $8 billion in transportation funding over the next ten years, if that proposal is approved by the people of Missouri in November 2014--or how the agency will proceed if the funding isn't approved that MoDOT must proceed on the ever-decreasing amount of tax dollars they receive from the state fuel tax and other state transportation funds. 

MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh featured on MoDOT's long-range plan web
MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh featured on MoDOT's long-range plan web site.

MoDOT identified four major areas of emphasis in its proposed plan.  One of those is "Give Missourians Better Transportation Choices."

On the page giving the details of that area--where for the first time in Missouri history, MoDOT officially articulates the goal of including biking, walking, transit, light rail, railroads, and ports into Missouri's transportation system and funding, just as roads and bridges are now.

As part of that page on transportation choices, MoDOT features a video with Susan Trautman, Executive Director of the the St. Louis region's Great Rivers Greenway, Brent Hugh, Executive Director of the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, and Harlan Hunt of Blue Springs:

MoDOT makes history by including biking, walking, and transit in its new statewide transportation plan

MoBikeFed has now been involved in the creation of at least the last four MoDOT long-range transportation plans.  This plan is--no doubt, hands down--by far the best of the lot.  In the video, Susan, Brent, and Blue Springs resident Harlan Hunt explain a lot of what MODOT is aiming for in this new plan--and these are goals that we have not seen MoDOT working for in the past as vigorously as they are now.

Susan Trautman of Great Rivers Greenway has worked with MoDOT and many municipalities and agencies across the St. Louis region to build out the Great Rivers Greenway River Ring trails and bikeways network--and is now working on the St. Louis CityArchRiver 2015 project.

Harlan Hunt started riding in Blue Springs after MoDOT added bike lanes to Hwy 7, a key thoroughfare through the city and a key component of the Blue Springs Bike Routes and Trails System.  Blue Springs has been building this system over the past decade or so--and since the city is so dependant on major MoDOT highways for the city's main through-routes, the city probably has as large a percentage of its city bikeway system on state highways as any city in the state.  The entire length of both Hwy 7 and Hwy 40 through Blue Springs are officially signed and identified as bike routes, complete with share the road signs, bike lane markings, wayfinding signs whenever the routes cross other city bike routes, and more.

On MoDOT's Missouri on the Move web site you can leave feedback for MoDOT, letting them know what you think about the plan.

Building a world-class bicycle and pedestrian network is one of four major objectives in MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.  Getting MoDOT on board with that vision has been one of the most improtant tangible results of our 2008 Vision.  Your membership and support helps make our Vision become a reality.

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