YOUR SUPPORT NEEDED: Support the creation of a major NEW cross-state rail trail - The Rock Island Trail from Kansas City to St Louis

How would you like to see Missouri add a SECOND cross-state rail trail, similar to our current Katy Trail?  And how about if it the new trail were to cross the Katy Trail, creating the opportunity for a 453 mile trail loop across Missouri - plus connect directly into the St Louis regional trail system, the Kansas City regional trail system, and potentially other local and regional trail systems across Missouri? 

Right now the biggest piece of that potential amazing new cross state trail needs YOUR help to become reality.

Ameren UE owns the Rock Island line from Windsor to St Louis.  They are ready to sell the line--and they are open to the idea of railbanking the currently unused portion of the line, 145 miles from Windsor to Beaufort.

The Missouri Rock Island Trail Coalition has been leading the way, working to build support for the trail in cities and towns along the Rock Island Corridor across Missouri. Missouri State Parks and Governor Nixon support the idea.  Now we need your support to help push the Rock Island Trail over the top.

How big will the Missouri's cross-state trail system be after the new Rock Island Trail loop is added to the mix? B-I-G!

To the 145 miles of the Rock Island corridor under discussion now, we can add 46 miles of the Rock Island Trail State Park currently under development by Missouri State Parks and another 22 miles leading to the heart of Kansas City that will be acquired and turned into a trail if Amendment 7 passes August 5th.

Altogether--a 213 mile Rock Island Trail system connecting at two points with the 240-mile Katy Trail to make a huge 453 mile trail loop system across the entire state, from state line to state line.

Why do we need your help?  Why sign a message in support of the cross-state Rock Island Trail?

We and our trail-building partners across Missouri have been eyeing the Rock Island railroad corridor for decades.  But with the recent completion of the railbanking agreements on the portion of the line between Windsor and Pleasant Hill, Ameren is now ready to sell a major segment of the line from Pleasant Hill east.


  • Ameren might sell the line to another railroad or an unfriendly salvage company, delaying completion of the Rock Island rail trail by decades or perhaps forever
    The Rock Island railroad through Missouri
    The Rock Island railroad through Missouri

  • We need to strongly (but politely!) encourage Ameren to sell the corridor to the Missouri Rock Island Trail Coalition, who will ensure that the inactive portion of the line is immediately railbanked and turned into a cross-state rail trail
  • Ameren wants to do the right thing and is supportive of the railbanking plan.  But hearing from thousands of supporters across Missouri and across the nation will help ensure their support for doing the right thing and leaving an amazing legacy for Missouri
  • Missouri State Parks, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and Governor Nixon are all supportive of the Rock Island Trail.  But just as with every major and complex project, these statewide leaders need to hear from citizens letting them know they support their work to leave the cross-state Rock Island Trail as a legacy for the state.

Sign a message in support of the Rock Island Trail now - our new cross-state trail needs your support! 

Missouri's Rock Island Trail - Current status

  • 22 miles of the Rock Island RR from Kansas City through Raytown, Lee's Summit, Greenwood, and Pleasant Hill is owned by Union Pacific Railroad. Union Pacific is currently in negotiations to sell the corridor; cities and counties involved are working on various plans to fund that acquisition.
  • 46 miles of the Rock Island corridor from Pleasant Hill to the connection with the Katy Trail in Windsor has been officially railbanked--the end result of a lengthy process of negotiating with Ameren, which owned the corridor. Missouri State Parks is currently working to construct the trail on this section of the corridor.
  • 145 miles of the Rock Island Corridor from Windsor through Versailles, Eldon, Gascony, Owensville to Beaufort is currently owned by Ameren and has not carried any rail traffic for decades.  This is the primary section of the corridor that Ameren is now interested in transferring or selling and railbanking.
  • Over 50 miles of the corridor from Beaufort through Union, Labadie, and St. Louis is currently in active railroad use.  All plans are for that current active railroad use to continue. However, this section, or portions of it, are potential rails with trails corridors.
  • Altogether we could have 213 miles of the Rock Island Trail connected with 240 miles of the Katy Trail, creating a 453 interconnected cross-state trail system.

Your support of the trail can make a huge difference--please take the time to contact Ameren and our state officials now.

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