More Sunset Hills city council candidates weigh in on whether the city should be more bicycle friendly | The Call

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Should the city of Sunset Hills be more bicycle friendly? If so, what would you propose?

Kostial said, “We do a great job with Minnie Ha Ha Park and it is beautiful for the casual bicyclist. The SSH triathlon is great for cyclists. I propose that SSH be more bicycle friendly by working with MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) to have bicycle lanes on the large shoulders of Watson, Gravois and South Lindbergh Boulevard.”

Scarlett said, “I am a bicyclist. There are many friends and neighbors who are bicyclists. There are many others in Sunset Hills who are friendly but they are not bicyclists. Some are not friendly, just as some motorists are not friendly. It is my hope that as long as bicyclists and motorists courteously observe traffic laws as well as

follow the spirit of traffic laws we can all get along on the streets of our city. Can we all do better? Probably, but overall we are a pretty nice group of folks.”