Motor vehicle pollution kills more annually than car crashes; both together total 100,000 annually | SSTI

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Last year, following six years of decline, the number of traffic fatalities in the U.S. rose 5 percent—to 34,000—continuing the position of motor vehicle crashes as one of the leading causes of death, particularly among young people. It is the top cause of death for ages 5 to 24. Two recent independent studies now suggest that simply living near major roadways and breathing harmful emissions from motor vehicles might be an even greater threat to U.S. health, making the death toll from traffic far worse.

A new study from MIT concluded that vehicle emissions contributed to 53,000 premature deaths in 2005 (12 years premature, on average), exceeding the number of traffic fatalities by 30 percent and bringing the total deaths from traffic causes close to 100,000 annually.