Your input needed: Ozark National Scenic Riverways Roads and Trails Plan - support for mountain biking trails needed | Ozark National Scenic Riverways

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The Riverways consists of 80,785 acres of land and water in southeastern Missouri, including portions of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. The Riverways protects 134 linear miles of clear, free-flowing, spring-fed waterways and also contain a vast network of roads and recreation trails. The development of a roads and trails plan is critical to the protection of key resources and visitor experiences in the park.This newsletter below provides information about the planning process as well as opportunities to participate and contribute your ideas and opinions. After reading the newsletter, please consider taking a moment to respond to the following questions.

MoBikeFed comment: ONSR recently completed a master plan. Part of that master plan called for a new trails and roads plan for ONSR, which is the closest thing Missouri has to a national park.

ONSR has never before allowed mountain biking within the boundaries of the scenic riverways. Mountain biking seems a logical recreation opportunity to add to the ONSR's recreational opportunities--potentially bringing a major mountain biking resource to a part of the state that currently has little to no mountain biking opportunities.

Trails and unpaved roads in the area have the potential to be part of the mountain bike network in the area.

In addition, the Ozark Trail passes through the area--but the section through the ONSR is one of the few Ozark Trail sections that does not allow mountain biking.

Please take a moment to leave a comment in support of mountain biking and other recreational trail opportunities in the ONSR plan.

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