Transportation and Health Tool: An important new resource for studying the health impacts of trnasportation systems | USDOT

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The Transportation and Health Tool (THT) was developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide easy access to data that practitioners can use to examine the health impacts of transportation systems.

MoBikeFed comment: MoBikeFed was one of dozens of organizations nationwide who recently signed a letter to Secretary Foxx urging him to improve regulations and policy for bicycling and walking in the USDOT. This important new tools is one of the changes to the USDOT has made in response to that nationwide call for change.

The tool provides data on a set of transportation and public health indicators for each U.S. state and metropolitan area that describe how the transportation environment affects safety, active transportation, air quality, and connectivity to destinations. You can use the tool to quickly see how your state or metropolitan area compares with others in addressing key transportation and health issues. It also provides information and resources to help agencies better understand the links between transportation and health and to identify strategies to improve public health through transportation planning and policy.