American teens getting only 39 minutes of exercise daily, endangering future health - LA Times

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American teens have a reputation for being among the most sedentary in the world, with only 8% getting the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day. That exercise deficit sets them up for a a host of chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. It also saps their brainpower and causes their grades to suffer, studies show.

[T]he activity trackers revealed that the students averaged 39.4 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity over the course of each day. On school days, 55% of those minutes were tallied at school. . . .

Although schools accounted for biggest share of total exercise, they were also the places where teens were most likely to be sedentary. Over the course of a week, 4.8% of time at school was spent getting exercise. That compared with 5.3% of time at home, 9.5% of time in one's neighborhood, 9.7% of time near school and 7.1% of time in other places.