New: Model State Laws for Better Biking | League of American Bicyclists

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Every year we make recommendations that states improve laws for bicyclists. In 2015, we recommended that 22 states adopt a 3 foot or greater safe passing law and 30 states adopt a vulnerable road user law. In the last decade these types of laws have proliferated, with 15 states adopting new safe passing laws and 8 states adopting vulnerable road user laws since 2008. To help states achieve these recommendations I am happy to announce three new / updated model laws that states and communities can use to craft legislation that supports the safety of bicyclists.

* An improved and updated Vulnerable Road User law – this model law provides a punishment for motor vehicle drivers who seriously or injure people using roadways who are not protected by a motor vehicle.

* A new model Safe Passing law – this model law provides language directing motor vehicles to move over a lane where possible or pass bicyclists at no closer than 3 feet. It also enables motor vehicles to cross double-yellow lines in order to safely pass bicyclists.

* A new model Where to Ride law – this model law provides language empowering a bicyclist to make safe choices regarding lane position and increases public understanding about where bicyclists should ride on the road.